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Encounters and interviews during the Roero Days 2022 event.

The company has deep roots. It was born from the union of two historic families of Monteu Roero, the Moretti family and the Occhetti family, whose have been cultivating the land since the early 1600s and handing down their knowledge from generation to generation. It is actualy managed by Francesco Moretti and his children, Alessandra and Riccardo, whose take care of the 40 hectares of the farm with the utmost respect for nature and the environment that surrounds them.


From vineyards located in Monteu Roero, Santo Stefano Roero, and Govone. It ages in stainless steel vats for 4 to 5 months and for 2 to 3 months in bottle, with a total annual production of about 3,500 bottles.


From MGA Occhetti located in Monteu Roero. It ages 6 months in stainless steel vats, 24 months in large oak casks, with a total annual production of about 1,350 bottles.

Frazione Occhetti n.15 e n.40 | 12040 Monteu Roero (CN)


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