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Wine Spectator Prizewinning
Short Films

It is the aim of every winemaker to have a flattering score for his wine in Wine Spectator, the most influential wine guide and magazine in the world.  For some years, winning the Wine Spectator’s video contest has also been the ambition of winemakers from every continent, with more than 1000 entering just this year. Langhe.TV took part in the video contest for the first time in 2017 with three short films and swept to victory with triumphant wins.

1st PLACE - WINNING FILM “Vineyards and High Heels”

2nd PLACE - “A Day With the Adriano Family” 

3rd PRIZE - “Generation Wine” - special mention

I premiati italiani di Wine Spectator Video Contest 2017
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Watch these SHORT FILM here
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