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Encounters and interviews during the Roero Days 2022 event.

For as long as we can trace it, the Rosso family has always had a close relationship with the land of Roero. Retracing the history of past generations, in fact, there is the agricultural element in common, albeit in different forms. The father Domenico, during the years of his activity, chose to favor the vegetable sector. Grandfather Francesco, however, left us proof of his love for the vineyard and for the production of a “good Nebbiolo”, as can be seen from an old notebook still preserved in the cellar. Since 2001 Francesco has been running the family business, with the same passion as his grandfather, giving life, in 2012, to the first Roero wine labels signed by Francesco Rosso. Today our company is mainly focused on the production of characteristic Roero wines, with an adjoining small cultivation of hazelnuts, another excellent fruit of these lands.


It ages in stainless steel vats for 4 months and from 24 to 30 months in small oak barrels, with a total annual production of about 2,500 bottles.

Frazione Madonna delle Grazie 27 | 12040 Santo Stefano Roero (CN)


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