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Encounters and interviews during the Roero Days 2022 event.

For four generations, the Mario Costa farm has kept faith with the history and tradition of a territory, combining them with a passion for doing things well.

2016: the Costa brothers at the helm

Giuseppe and Luca take over the management of the company, which now becomes Azienda Agricola Mario Costa. The construction of commercial premises was completed, dedicated to reception and tasting, as well as new temperature-controlled warehouses for storing bottles. A phase of great expansion of the cellar began. Purchases of vineyards continued. Various initiatives to open up commercial activities on foreign markets (United States, Japan and Europe) were launched.


This Roero Riverva is characterised by spicy aromas of black berries and succulent black cherries. Medium-bodied and rich in tannins. It has a very complex floral bouquet with notes of violets. A wine particularly suitable for ageing.

Az. Agr. Mario Costa

Via Torino, 153 | 12043 Canale (CN)

+39 0173 979486


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