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Encounters and interviews during the Roero Days 2022 event.

The story began in 1934, when Giovanni's father Bernardino bought the property. Giovanni’s sons Dino and Pietro joined the enterprise in 1996, thus becoming the family’s fourth generation of growers. With them the estate began to change direction and expand; it was their decision to begin bottling wine, while taking great care to choose grapes From 10,000 bottles at the beginning, the estate now produces an impressive 80,000 bottles, all the while managing to remain a family-run business and keep the enthusiasm that goes with personal ownership


Sru (Cerruto)

On the hill south of Canale are vineyards positioned on clay (Piacenzian) and sandy (Astian) substrates.These soils are light-coloured, chalky, with compositions that go from sandy loam to silty loam depending on the slope and the presence of sandy layers. These soils have a high pH, medium potassium content and a high content of calcium and magnesium.


Renesio is the main hill of Canale, dominating the city from the north. The prevalent substrate is Astian, but halfway up the hill, there are occasional outcroppings of Piacenzian blue-grey clay. The soil is sandy silt with a significant limestone content, high pH and high levels of calcium and magnesium.


These vineyards are on Astian sand with Lugagnano clay outcroppings. The soil is pale, mostly silt loam, medium-chalky and has a high pH. These soils have high calcium content, with significant potassium and medium amounts of magnesium.


Produced with grapes coming exclusively from the vineyards of the Mompellini cru.

These vineyards are on Astian sand with Lugagnano clay outcroppings.


From vines located in Canale. It ages in stainless steel vats for 4 months, 8 months in barrels and 8 months in the bottles, for a total annual production of about 2,500 bottles.


From vineyards located in Canale. It ages in small oak barrels for 12 months, and 24 months in the bottle, for a total annual production of about 3,000 bottles.

Fraz. Madonna di Loreto - Cascina Pace, 52 | 12043 Canale (CN)

+39 0173 979544


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