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75 producers under 40 at Sbarbatelle 2024.

On Sunday 09 and Monday 10 June the seventh edition of the great AIS Piemonte event organized by the Asti delegation.

San Martino Alfieri ( Asti ) - We are happy to announce the 7th edition of Sbarbatelle event at Marchesi Alfieri Estate settled in San Martino Alfieri (Asti – Piemonte).

Sbarbatelle is the first event that connects "Youth Wine Passion" and it’s dedicated to the young women making their own wines.

75 producers under 40 years of age, young gems with deep roots that, together, represent the Italy of wine.

An appointment by AIS Piemonte, Asti’s section that is now a must-see for the wine-lovers:

75 Sbarbatelle for a tasting of more than 240 different wines in the beautiful scenery of the English park and the Baroque orangerie of the castle.

An event that is really becoming a movement: the bond among the girls is tightened with the project “Adopt a Sbarbatella!”

During the days of the event the Piedmontese producers host those coming from other regions. For all of them is an unique experience to compare in the world of wine.

Sbarbatelle goes beyond the wine: for two days workshop and storytelling about Gin and Porto in collaboration with Sagna Group.

Don’t miss the food experience, with the restaurant Le Scuderie del Castello, settled in Govone (Cn) with their excellent proposals, or the street food by Furgoncibo, an all-female food truck! And a sweet ending with the goat milk based ice-cream of the dairy Casa Costa from Murisengo.

The workshop “How to discover the importance of yeasts” will be organized by the Viticolture and Enology Research Centre of Asti – a scientific excellence of the region.

Two days: Sunday, June 9th and Monday 10th opened to the winelovers. On Monday the admission will be free for the operators in the HO.RE.CA sector sending an email to

An historical location, the Marchesi Alfieri estate, that is set up by Capellino design Studio that in the last two editions has integrated functionality with style and elegance.  

During Sbarbatelle 2024 Accessori Da Vino reconfirms its presence, a consolidated reality  that makes customised items; Divinea, leader for the eno-tourism services; Pulltex, an  important brand that represents the equipments for the world of wine; Vinwine Brands, a  service to discover what is hidden behind a bottle of wine; Amorim Cork Italia, synonymous  of cork and quality; 3Bee that combines respect for the environment with the biodiversity  maintenance. 

Accompanying the event, with his interviews, as a media partner there will be LangheTV and Luca Campanale for emotional pictures. 

On Monday, there will be La Fabbrica delle Bambole, an all-female teather company with  narrated tastings and performances.  

Sunday, June 9th from 11.00 to 19.00 and Monday, June 10th from 11.00 to 18.00, the  entry fee will be 20 euro for Ais members and 25 euro not members. 

The fee includes the tasting of the wines and the glass. Accompanying the wine tasting, the  bread baking of Masseria Olimpo. 

Info and reser

Fb e IG: sbarbatelle 

Tel. 3397339813


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