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a wine reborn

LThe earliest traces of winemaking in Albugnano date from 1148.  The history of these wines scrolls through the centuries like tendrils, touching both the Abbey of Vezzolano and the Savoy aristocracy. In 1868, the Nebbiolo sparkling wine made in Albugnano received an award at the Asti Exhibition.  However, with the granting of DOC status in the Official Gazette of May 17 1997,  Albugnano began a new phase of growth. 

In 2017, winemakers from the area established the ALBUGNANO 549 Association to support the wine's oenological identity, along with the historical, cultural, environmental and socioeconomic features of the Albugnano DOC territory. 

Then in 2019, a group of 20 winemakers from the Albugnano DOC appellation banded together with the municipality to establish the Regional Enoteca of Albugnano.

This has been a boon to the local territory, which claims a kind of “paternity” for the Nebbiolo variety–grown here long before many other now-famous regions in Piedmont.  Will it be the wine of recompense?

In this new docuseries, Langhe.TV brings the excellence of both wine and terroir to the fore. In it, the winemakers tell their own authentic stories; they discuss vineyards and how to work them; reveal cellar secrets, wine styles and winemaking principles.

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