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Biodynamic growing

For some, encountering the biodynamic method is a life-changing epiphany. In the case of Enrico Rivetto, Barolo maker, this encounter has made him aware of being part of a whole and has shown him that the things he viewed previously as independent compartments are actually part of a harmonious ensemble, made of complementary elements in dialogue with one another. From that moment, he realised that his role, as a part of the ecosystem, should be to help preserve it, look after it and help it to flourish. 

Because there is never enough beauty.

Today Enrico nurtures both his soul and his vines on the Lirano hillside. He cultivates relationships and exchanges of energy between living and inanimate beings. The Lirano hillside is a complete agricultural organism–complex, balanced and beautifully alive.

Enrico was the first biodynamic Barolo maker in the Langhe.

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