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Encounters and interviews during the Roero Days 2022 event.

One family, its wine and the enthusiasm to produce it. The story of the Bric Castelvej winery is a family story, a simple story made up of values and people who believe in what they do, people who put their soul and passion into every bottle of wine they make. It all started long ago in 1956 when Domenico Gallino, the ingenious and visionary founder, began to vinify and produce superior quality wines.

This commitment and passion has been passed down through the generations and still lives on today, finding continuity in son Mario, who together with his son Cristiano, a brilliant winemaker, takes scrupulous, experienced care of every process in the winery, from the meticulous work in the vineyards to the harvest and winemaking, all the way to sales in Italy and in the world.

Roero Arneis Vigna Bricco Novara

From the vineyard of the same name located in Canale; aged in stainless steel vats for 4 months and in small oak barrels for 4 months, with a total annual production of about 1,250 bottles.


Roero Riserva Panera Alta

From vineyards located in Canale; aged in tonneau for 36 months, with a total annual production of about 2,000 bottles.

Azienda Agricola Bric Castelvej

Via Castelvecchio, 70 | 12043 – Canale (CN) – Italia


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