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Stories of winemakers

“I VIGNAIOLI”, or “WINEMAKERS” is another of the docuseries made by Langhe.TV. It highlights the winemaking excellence of the area with real stories of the winemakers and their families who talk about the vineyards that are most important to them and the art of cultivating them; they also discuss the secrets of making authentic wines. Langhe.TV tours the territory in search of leading characters and exceptional locales, surveying landscapes as well as wine estates. These are more than just sites of production–they are part of the greater ambition of creating a context for the end product. Many also offer hospitality—both to customers as well as to simple wine enthusiasts.

For each winemaker and each estate, we capture essential moments, such as the origins of the estate, the story of the founder and when land and important vineyards were purchased. We take note of the first labels, the first exports abroad, the prizes won and the recognition received. We take note also of people who have contributed to the success of the estate; we talk about vineyards and varieties, about wine quality and the secrets of winemaking. We touch on the environment and sustainability, but we also speak of wine styles, techniques and technology. Naturally, we also talk about the winemakers’ own wines. With their help, we try to give an overview of the industry, the profession of winemaking itself, the new generation of winemakers and the outlook for the future.

WINEMAKERS is the first docuseries to tell the story of winemaking from the point of view of the winemakers, in short with the main actors in this universe.

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