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La Morra,
the town of Barolo

Many people consider La Morra the real heart of Barolo-making with its more than 80 winemakers,  its smart and efficient Municipal Enoteca and its many Additional Geographic References, otherwise known as Barolo's crus. La Morra has a unique style and an authentic spirit. It has a long and fascinating history with loads of interesting anecdotes to tell. You can hear about some of them in Il Barolo of LA MORRA, the docuseries that talks about Barolo wine, its traditions and history, along with notes about the town and its inhabitants.

We’ll describe its unique lifestyle, one that is universally celebrated.

It’s an unmistakable style, kind of French, but toned down a little. 

You’ll visit the homes of La Morra’s inhabitants and hear them talk. You’ll learn about local products, La Morra restaurants and hotels and places to visit.  Our objective is to capture the unique features of La Morra on film. We highlight the artistic, cultural, economic and touristic facets of this Langhe town that make it a world leader in food and winemaking, now recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

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