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Barolo, the king
of wines

Every fine wine has ancient origins and no fine wine comes about by chance. All are the result of a special combination of environmental factors and winemaking knowhow.
You need both mindfulness and patience to make a great wine. You need to know how to wait and occasionally, to forgo a particular vintage if the grapes aren’t up to standard.
Barolo DOCG is one of the great Italian wines–in fact, one of the greatest in the world. In the past it was nicknamed “the wine of kings”, but now it is called “the king of wines”. Much conflict and many defining moments have occurred along the path to this goal. First there was the revolution of the “Barolo Boys”, which caused inter-generational conflict. It took great conviction and much fearless experimentation to move forward.

After forty years, it now seems that hostilities between generations have waned and it is hard to tell who won. Traditional Barolo, which is aged in large, untoasted casks, exists alongside modern Barolo, aged in barriques. Many oenologists balance the use of both types of barrels to give a very personal identity to the wine. The number of Barolo wines today is impressive: there are more than 800 producers making more than 15 million bottles sold throughout the world.

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