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Barbaresco: a wine that expresses
the character of a territory without dominating it

Barbaresco is often referred to as Barolo’s younger brother. But this is a superficial approach that doesn’t do it justice. Though Barbaresco and Barolo are both Langa progeny and made in proximity to one another, they are very distinct wines. Barbaresco wine is made in the villages of Barbaresco, Neive, Treiso and tiny San Rocco Seno d’Elvio in the township of Alba.

The great turning point in Barbaresco's history came about in 2007 when it received an Additional Geographic Reference.  It was the first Italian appellation to receive this qualification.In total, the Barbaresco territory now claims 66 Additional Geographic References (Menzione Geografiche Aggiuntive or MGA in Italian), known in France as cru. 

In this new docuseries, Langhe.TV brings the excellence of both wine and terroir to the fore. In the series, the winemakers tell their own authentic stories; they discuss vineyards and how to work them; reveal cellar secrets, wine styles and winemaking principles and point out the characteristics of some of the Geographic References.The docuseries also grapples with important themes about the future of the region. It presents the often-surprising viewpoints of the region's protagonists.

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